Saturday, 11 October 2008

Getting The Hell Out Of Dodge

After 7 years of being perched at the top of The Steepest Street, after much discussion, dithering, procrastination and the saga of the wall that plaster would not stick to, a descision was made. Time for Operation Get The Hell Out Of Dodge.
Then the economy took a nose dive.
Oh well.
Still, operation Get The hell Out Of Dodge (Eventually) continues. It's been fun living in a city, with 4 different cinemas showing the same mediocre films, and 24 hour access to jaffa cakes. But there's also all the damn people. See, as nice as it is to have all these bars, clubs, theatres, restaurants, cinemas, sports centres and what not, we're not actually using them.
So the plan is vague. Less people. More land. And chickens. And possibly somewhere to make cider. A lot of cider. And keep the chickens and the ciders as far apart as possible. I've never seen a drunk chicken, but I'm betting its not a pleasant sight.

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