Saturday, 5 January 2013

I Aten't Dead (still)

Hello Blog.
Yes, it has been a long time. No chutneys, no recipes, no knitting. Whatever have I been doing?
Well, in February MikeyFox & I were made redundant. A lot of serious conversations were had, business plans were written, sacrifices were made to the appropriate deities, our firstborn was offered to the local bank in exchange for coin of the realm & some evening classes were taken, and thus was born The Goddamn Plan
Behold! We now have our Own Damn Brewery! In April we started renting a unit in Scunthorpe, and a crash course in plumbing, engineering, carpentry & electronics followed. B&Q was visited frequently. There were tears, there were several litres of chamomile tea, there was a cafe opposite the brewery, where we were taken pity on, and given copious amounts of strong, sweet tea, extra chips & small items of furniture. MikeyFox finally got to make use of his graphic design skills, electricity was applied, malt & hops were ordered & we made our first beer in July.
The first brew shall not be spoken of. First brew are never fun, or easy. But things improved, we figured out how to improve things, fixed the bits that broke, or exploded. Beer was made, and people liked drinking it. We started bottling the beer in August (which sold out in half an hour, oops!), and in December had our first local market stall
You see those little jars at the front? Its mustard and chutney. My mustard and chutney. Made with beer. Our beer. For sale. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

But enough about me, how the devil are you?