Monday, 26 October 2009

A Week of Pumpkin Recipes (probably)

The pumpkin, like all things awesome, originated in the Americas (the oldest pumpkinly seeds found in Mexico dated to somewhere between 7000 & 5000 BC. Right now I'm surrounded by the things (as I'm buying them faster than I can eat them. But it's not my fault, blame Brigg farmers market - pumpkins for £1! £1! How can you say no to that?) and I'm hoping that it's not just me that has too many pumpkins & squashes* this time of year.

There are some delicious squashes out there, from the small & tasty Acorns, Buttercups & Delicatas to the honking great behemoths like Crown Prince (the bestest one of all), Turks Turban & the positively corpulent Musquee de Provence (see how wordy I get with curcubits?). But let's be honest, the big Halloween pumpkins that are in the shops right now? Not so tasty. Bland & watery, actually, and not a patch on squashes in flavour & texture. But that's no reason to chuck all that orange flesh in the bin when carving Halloween pumpkins, there's plenty of ways to make something delicious with them, and not just Bloody Pumpkin Soup (why is that the only suggestion anyone can come up with?)

So for the next week I'll be posting pumpkin recipes. Hopefully. Starting with Pumpkin bead.
Om nom nom!

*What's the difference between pumpkin & squash? There isn't one really. In the UK pumpkins are generally the big orange Halloween things, and squash are, well, everything else.

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