Wednesday, 14 April 2010

District (f)10

Rejoice, rejoice, for we have an allotment!

Hello, plot f10, you desolate wasteland, you.

MikeyFox & myself took a break from Crazy Scheme #87* to go have a look at the allotment.
'Desolate' is a good word to describe the location. 'Windswept' is another good one. 'Soil like concrete' is not a word, but certainly gets the point across.
So, weather permitting, we'll be heading out there after work today to plant some Jerusalem Artichokes (and see just how effective a windbreak they can be), figure out where all the fruit bushes rescued from the pound shops** will go, and start the long, long, long task of digging over & incorporating hops into the soil.

*Making your own marmite. No. Don't ask. Please.

**With numerous Schindler-esque moments as I rummage through my pockets for enough change to save just one more redcurrant bush.

1 comment:

mangocheeks said...

It truly is a blank canvas. I look forward to seeing how it evolves. Word of caution about JA, they do take over the plot:D