Friday, 9 July 2010

All Your Bad Days Will End

Yesterday was a pretty bad day. And today was a miserable, weary, depressed day. A sick & tired of feeling sick & tired day.
Then I got an email from a friend. Her name is Camilla. We've never met, never spoken to each other, but one day Camilla wrote me a letter. It was a long, long letter, full of the things that she loved, art in clay, the thoughts in her head, the music that filled her days & the words on the paper sang. So I wrote a letter back, opened up my head & tipped the contents onto the page, messy & random & singing it's own song.In March she found out that she was pregnant, and due in September.
Just enough time to get out the crochet hook & make something that will fit in an envelope, cross an ocean and wrap her & the little one in love & warmth & hope & friendship.

Today is a damn good day

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mangocheeks said...

That is so beautiful and i am sure it will be most appreciated.

My best friend (an American who came over for a year at Uni)recently gave birth to her first child. I wish I could make her something like this. I am just not that way skilled.