Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I Aten't Dead

Lots has been happening here in the Marshlands. Due to an unexpected attack of nice weather, I've been doing lots of ground work in the garden.
A fence has been put up, so the garden actually ends now, rather than meandering into the neighbouring rapeseed field*, and Edible Hedge planted. A compost bin has also been assembled out of bits of pallet, an old door & UPVC window frames.

Gravel paths have been laid down between the 8 raised beds. Partly for keeping down the weeds, but mostly so Mikeyfox doesn't get muddy paws. The rest of the garden has large stepping stones (all unearthed from the end of the garden, which in January was The Great Crap Pile, but is now the home of 5 fruit trees & a motley assortment of fruit bushes), which will have creeping herbs & alpines planted between them. (Since this picture was taken, the Polytunnel has had a solid wood framed door put in, thanks to Mikeyfox, and the grassy area to the right has been dug over & planted with spuds).

There is also Tomato Mile, which still needs digging over.

It's a long border down the sunniest side of the garden, where I'll be growing tomatoes, tomatillos & squash. the grassy bit on the left has been dug over since this picture was taken, and will be crammed full of legumes.

Speaking of Crammed full of legumes, I cooked some of the Pea Beans (Phaseolus aegypticus) that I grew in last years growing-beans-for-drying experiment

They were delicious, creamy with a rich, chestnut flavour. If you have room for them in your garden, I can't recommend them highly enough. You can eat them as whole pods, young fresh beans or dry them for cooking later. They are really low maintenance too. I didn't eat all the dried seeds, so will be growing lots more this year!

So now I'm off to Bruge for a week of beer drinking. yay!

*Much to the displeasure of the cats


Ruthdigs said...

You've been busy mistress Weatherwax! :-D I like the sound of those beans - might have to give them a try. Have a top time away!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are having fun and good weather! Many hugs!!

Fay McKenzie said...

You've been busy! Love tomato mile - mine are up and cossetted on a windowsill in a nice box for the summer - not brave enough to try out 'there' - loved the last lot of blogs - pesky botanists with their silly names for plants!
Great stuff :) enjoy the garden, Bruges and beer!