Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Walking with the Black Dog a While

At the risk of disappointing the handful of readers I have out there on thar interwebs, I'm going on hiatus for a little while.*
August was a difficult month, with family illnesses & work stresses and generally keeping a leash on the Black Dog**
I woke up this morning with one less family member in the house

Goodbye Evelyn. The sweetest, slinkiest, inkiest cat I ever knew. She loved accordions (whenever I played, she would gnaw at the keys & climb on the bellows), shredding wallpaper & biting peoples feet. She was so affectionate & gentle that you could gather up all the cat hair behind the sofa & fashion it into a mohawk for her, as long as she got a bit of cheese.

So I will be walking with the Black Dog a while. I'll be back soon, with recipes, pictures from the garden, and whatever else comes along.

*I know, I know. How will you tell the difference?
** A traditional English term for depression, though Churchill is well known for using it (Winston, not the dog from the insurance adverts), Dr Samuel Johnson (who in my head will always be Robbie Coltrane) & Sir Walter Scott used the term, and in the 1800's the phrase 'A black dog walked over him' was used to describe a person suffering from depression.


Anonymous said...

Nothing I can say is good enough to help, but hugs and I love you!
I am so terribly sorry for your loss!!!:-(

Anonymous said...

What to do? What to do? If I mailed cookies by the time they got there they would no longer be 'nice'. If I walked them 'cross country and used a giant courgette canoe to cross the Atlantic and then finally got to Blighty I would still be wandering about saying do you know a flat marshy place with a ginger haired gardener who grows zeppelin sized courgettes and needs cheered? So I will do something else but nothing feels good enough to cheer you....sorry:-( I love you oodles and noodles!

mangocheeks said...

Oh littleblackfox.
I will be thinking of you while you take time out.

I hope you don't walk with the black dog too long.

So sorry to read about Evelyn too.
Warm heartfelt wishes and a hug too.