Monday, 13 September 2010

Apicklypse Now

Autumn is finally here. I'm sure of it not because we've got mist lurking on the ground in the mornings, or because I've been trampling through the ditches foraging for fruits & nuts*, but because most of my time is being taken up by preserving (meaning: endless hours of cutting veg up into 1cm dice**).

So to kick-start my return to Bloggery, lets see if I can post a preserving recipe a day this week.

*last week it was hazels, the week before apples & pears, the week before that plums & blackberries. This week must be elderberries then. Eventually I'll abandon all notions of the Gregorian calender & just go with lunar phases & whatever is being harvested. My birthday will be in the month of wheat-and-blackberries, Mikeyfox will be in Nowt-but-Bloody-Kale-Again.

**'what are you doing today, lil' fox?'
'Why I will be standing in the kitchen, trying to turn the entire contents of the garden into small cubes, which will get blanched & frozen, or boiled with sugar & vinegar & put into jars. Unless I get the screaming abdabs, which will probably end up with my building a fort out of kilner jars & chucking apricot slices at anyone who approaches who isn't Simon Amstell.

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mangocheeks said...

So good to hear from you.

I just love your jar lables!