Tuesday, 23 November 2010

You're All Getting Hats This Year

As usual, Christmas has snuck up on me. You'd think that I'd learned by now, but no. No learning here, thanks, we're fully stocked with the stupids.

But I'm still a firm believer in homemade gifts are the nicest to give (and receive!), so along with the baby jacket I've still not finished for little Henrik & the woo-you-got-married gift for Sue, I'm currently whipping up some simple gifts for my pals around the world (though you'll have to wait until after Christmas to hear about them. Sorry folks!). So I'm a One-Fox knitting factory right now. (And for those of you in the UK with people to send gifts to, last posting dates for Christmas are here.)

If you're stuck for home made gift ideas, you can't go wrong with a jar of Chutney or Mincemeat! If you're really short of time, but nifty with knitting needles, here's a hat pattern that knits up in a day (I make a few of these every year!) & an easy little Shawl that can be made with pretty much any wool you have lying around in your stash.

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting more crafty gifts, along with the usual babble about vegetables & the like.

Okay, off to chop some more wood for the fire. For the 21st Century has yet to reach North Lincolnshire.


Orkneyflowers said...

Wood is very 21st century - great on the home made gifts - I try - but not hard enough.

mangocheeks said...

So lucky are your friends here and around the world.

I will one-day make that shawl, but for now i will make do with the one my mother gave me a few years ago. Its still brand new. I only wear it in the flat when feeling nippy, and nippy it is now.